Thursday, February 11, 2010

pop deluxe

This little cutie is called a "taterpot" because of it's potato shaped pot and funny little legs. They grow one of three tasty herbs – oregano, basil or mint - but I like them just because they make me smile.

So do you think my little one might actually eat if I bought these?  Kinda throws the *don't play with your food* thing right down the disposal though...

A rubber band works just as well but seriously, there is just no comparing the cuteness factor.

This is sold out.  But I couldn't resist. Plus, I'm in the mood for tea.

This modern recycled cardboard astro rocket looks like a super fun craft project.  It ships flat packed with detailed assembly instructions.  Leave them as is or gather up the art supplies and go crazy.  I'm thinking glittery goodness.

All products (minus tea for two of course) available on line at pop deluxe. 


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nomadcraftsetc said...

What great finds! Those chopstick kids are adorable!