Friday, February 26, 2010

les pompoms de violette

So pretty you can pack them in a paper bag and they still look cute.  We adore les pompoms de violette.  Available in both blue and pink online at Sweet William.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

trelise cooper kids

winter 2009

summer 2010

I'm feeling just a tad under-dressed after browsing through Trelise Cooper's romantic kids collections.  Yet, at the same time, I'm also feeling a sudden urge to throw a miniature sized tea party...


family scrapboxes by Darcy Miller

Let's get this straight, I am not a hoarder. I actually despise clutter. But with that out of the way, I am one of those moms that saves every art project. (I am also the mom that actually buys prints of our digital photos and puts them in albums. Yup, still do)

When the kid's art comes home from school our favorites go up in their room for a few months, until they get replaced by the next fabulous creation. Each kid has their own bin in the garage - one per year, per kid. But once it's filed, no one really ever looks at the stuff until a random memory or emotional breakdown strikes (like last night) in which I am forced to quickly locate something...anything...from when they were born.  Turns out my big one is quite the sap for childhood memories.  Wonder where he gets that?

So it's not surprising that an article in this months' Martha Stewart Magazine really caught my attention. It was called "Family History in the Making".  Martha Stewart Weddings' Darcy Miller shares her collection of illustrations, photographs and objects in "a hybrid medium where scrapbook meets shadowbox."  Above are just a few of my favorites (it was really, really hard to narrow them down).  You can see all of her creations on the Martha Stewart website. And, if you so desire, you can buy the scrapboxes there as well. 


cate and levi

Um, can I buy this seriously cute giraffe hand puppet for myself? Every item at Cate and Levi is one of a kind, handmade with all natural and reclaimed materials in Canada. 
First seen at Modeco Kids.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

a thrifty birdcage

 Who would have thought a thrift store birdcage, a little blue paint, some paper birdies and an whole lot of creativity could make something so sweet.  Kami at Make and Takes sure did.  See how she did it here.


famille summerbelle

Paper banners, sweet print and pretty pink Paris map all courtesy of artist/illustrator Julie Marabelle who has an amazing talent for hand cut paper art.  It's a skill that truly amazes me.  Checkout her YouTube video posted below from her Famille Summerbelle blog.  It condenses more than 20 hours of her meticulous work into a 3 minute video.  It leaves you holding your breath and feeling slightly insignificant.  But that's a good thing.

Thanks must also go to Black Eiffel for the introduction...


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

granny squares

For the past few months I've been searching for the perfect crocheted blanket to liven up our dowdy sofa.  I've searched high and low, both vintage and new. And then tonight I found this on SF girl by bay.  It's exactly, I mean EXACTLY what I was looking for. But ironically, it's far too expensive for a two kid, stinky dog sofa.  Someday.

The very talented artist is Sandra Juto and you can find more of her work including these fabulous *wrist worms* on her website. 
These, I can afford. And just might.


indoor garden party

Images and fabulous flower party all courtesy of Brooke at Inchmark.
I just adore the flower invitations that were delivered by hand for that so often lost personal touch. The flower theme resonates through the party hats and fabulously decorated cupcakes.  You think the party looks delightful so far... just wait until you see what she did with the pinata


she's got papers

 I'm almost speechless.  Not quite.  But almost.  I've heard of "Mommy Cards" but "Baby Business Cards"?  Cute or Crazy?  What do you think?

DIY alphabet stamps

This Valentine's Day inspired project is courtesy of Bloesem Kids and her guest crafter, Kristen Sutcliffe from New House Project. I think it's a great year round project for both kids learning to read and spell (my #1) and kids learning to write their letters (my #2). Want to see what she did with all this?  It's all right HERE for you.


Monday, February 22, 2010

orange crush

It's no secret that I love orange.  If you've read my blog, perused my Etsy favorites or been to my home it's pretty clear.  Not sure why.  Or when it started.  It's just IS.

So imagine my surprise when my dear friend Shauna from Lemon Drop Studio sent me the link to a blog called "How About Orange..." and then... it was FABULOUS! The brain child of Jessica Jones, who also clearly loves orange, the blog has something for everyone.  Shauna sent me there to checkout the lovely free downloads for my Twitter background.  But I found oh, so much more.  Jessica has a darling Etsy shop and a DIY Tutorial collection that's drool worthy.  And I mean that in the kindest way.  Above are images from three of my favorite DIY projects.  On the first page of the blog.  Seriously, I think How About Orange... may be my new time suck.  Cause I need another one.  Dont' you?


dreaming of spring

Aaaaahhh.  Today the sun is bright, the air is brisk and I'm dreaming of Spring.  OK, well Summer actually but I'm trying to be realistic here.  All of the dreamy images above are courtesy of DWR.   I invite you to join me on my sunshiny journey today.  Close your eyes.  Feel the warmth.  Listen to the sounds of the birds chirping, the children playing and the bottle opening.  It won't be long now...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

my new love affair... with melmac

images courtesy of jess james jake on Etsy

image courtesy of by the way side on Etsy

image courtesy of ismoyo on Etsy

image courtesy of retro active treasures on Etsy

I became interested in vintage Melmac for several reasons.  One, I have two small kids (with lots of friends) and I'm just not ready to serve their food on grown up plates.  However, I was beyond ready to say goodbye to the kid's stuff.  I've also been looking for something to brighten up the dark corner shelves in the kitchen.  They were screaming loudly at me for color.  It doesn't hurt that the price tag is super affordable as well.  And because I'm buying them used I am saving them from landfill and not contributing to further production of icky plastic.  It's a win, win, win, win!  

I admittedly haven't done tons of research on the product but I've found that there were enumerable factories producing the fashionable tableware in the 50's and 60's.  When shopping for vintage Melmac, I decided not to concern myself too much with the factory of origin but focused on one cup and bowl style and have limited myself to five colors; pink, aqua, avocado, orange & yellow.  The table looks fabulous when I randomly assort the platters, bowls, plates and cups.  

Someday I'll post a picture of that quickly morphing corner in our kitchen but until then I've got my eye out for some more great finds.  Oh, did I mention that I bought this while writing this post.  Yup.  Addict.


waving my magic wand

Friday, as I was leaving putt-putt golf with my two happy kids I quickly checked my email on my phone.  There was one from an Etsy Administrator.  Hmmm?  That's a first.  Much to my surprise it was a note telling me that Etsy had been working closely on some marketing projects with and that one of my listings had been picked up for a mid-march birthday slide show.  Imagine my surprise.  My white flower wand, pictured large above, is the item they picked. 

I read the email to my 6 1/2 year old son and 3 1/2 year old daughter... cause that's all I could do at that point and my son grabbed me and said, "MOM!  You're FAMOUS!!!"  (This is only hours after he asked me how much I got for the sale of two wands earlier in the day.  When I excitedly replied $26.00!!! he looked at me dead seriously and said, "That's it?"  If only he knew that I still need to back my costs out of that number.)

Anyway, I'm super excited.  Even if I don't sell any wands or gain any more exposure to the shop at least my kids think I'm famous!

I've been busy making more wands and getting back into the dance ring business (the item that *started it all*).  I'm selling them as single rings now instead of in pairs and I've added a jump ring to give the ribbon streamers more movement.  I've also improved the design to make them more colorful and slightly less expensive.  Zuzu LOVES them.  Your thoughts?



Thursday, February 18, 2010

tea collection

Please stop making such super cute clothes.  You might get me in trouble.  Or you might just have to hire me for the discount.


Monday, February 15, 2010

winter wonderland

It's *ski week* in our town this week so the schools are closed and kids are bouncing off the unpadded walls.  Don't be surprised if that keeps me away from the shop and blog just a tad this week.  My apologies in advance.  In the meantime, please enjoy some of these lovely winter wonders...
1.fingerless mittens ski cap 3.neck rag 4.montreal fine art 5.silver clutch warmers hat 8.wool bangles 9.leg warmers


Thursday, February 11, 2010

pop deluxe

This little cutie is called a "taterpot" because of it's potato shaped pot and funny little legs. They grow one of three tasty herbs – oregano, basil or mint - but I like them just because they make me smile.

So do you think my little one might actually eat if I bought these?  Kinda throws the *don't play with your food* thing right down the disposal though...

A rubber band works just as well but seriously, there is just no comparing the cuteness factor.

This is sold out.  But I couldn't resist. Plus, I'm in the mood for tea.

This modern recycled cardboard astro rocket looks like a super fun craft project.  It ships flat packed with detailed assembly instructions.  Leave them as is or gather up the art supplies and go crazy.  I'm thinking glittery goodness.

All products (minus tea for two of course) available on line at pop deluxe.