Sunday, February 21, 2010

my new love affair... with melmac

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I became interested in vintage Melmac for several reasons.  One, I have two small kids (with lots of friends) and I'm just not ready to serve their food on grown up plates.  However, I was beyond ready to say goodbye to the kid's stuff.  I've also been looking for something to brighten up the dark corner shelves in the kitchen.  They were screaming loudly at me for color.  It doesn't hurt that the price tag is super affordable as well.  And because I'm buying them used I am saving them from landfill and not contributing to further production of icky plastic.  It's a win, win, win, win!  

I admittedly haven't done tons of research on the product but I've found that there were enumerable factories producing the fashionable tableware in the 50's and 60's.  When shopping for vintage Melmac, I decided not to concern myself too much with the factory of origin but focused on one cup and bowl style and have limited myself to five colors; pink, aqua, avocado, orange & yellow.  The table looks fabulous when I randomly assort the platters, bowls, plates and cups.  

Someday I'll post a picture of that quickly morphing corner in our kitchen but until then I've got my eye out for some more great finds.  Oh, did I mention that I bought this while writing this post.  Yup.  Addict.


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Shauna said...

Your addiction is contagious!! I can't wait to get rid of the obnoxious plastic kids bowls and plates... and you found the solution! LIFE SAVER!!