Monday, November 29, 2010

pretty little monday

I can't help but to hum this tune as I upload these pix. (giggle, giggle) 
I feel pretty... oh, so pretty... I feel pretty and witty and bright!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

diy advent tree

So many people were excited by our thankful tree that I knew I had to post this one as soon as I saw it.  This advent tree is courtesy of Paige Russell and via Poppy Talk Handmade.  I'm still trying to decide whether or not to dress a Christmas tree in our home (I'm leaning towards yes because I really want to make pom-pom garland... don't ask... no clue) so we won't be partaking in this craft but I still think it's pretty darn cool.

There is a full tutorial including a video on Paige's blog so click on over to see what it entails.  And if you make one in your home, please share your photos with us! 

Friday, November 26, 2010

paper source

Paper Source is the type of store that you go to only when you have a strict time constraint. Not because you don't want to spend all day there. But precisely the opposite, because you can spend all day there. I go in for an ink pad and place cards and I leave with pom pom dish towels. Or juicy fruit gum. Or recycled flip flop bracelets. I know, random. But completely irresistible. And then tonight I make the mistake of googling them only to find out that a good portion of their assortment is available on line. Which is most definitely a problem as I am not nearly as good with my e-commerce time management than my mall time management.  Not even close.

But, since I spent so much time on their site tonight I figured someone should benefit. Above are some of my favorites. 
By gift giving category of course.

colored pencil frame, little miss sunshine mug & pom pom dishtowels

mustache cork screw, beer pong book & whiskey rocks

food face plates, animal face temporary tattoos & lucha libre dolls

crowns, masks & poppys

Thursday, November 25, 2010

sugar rush. and a happy thanksgiving.

Yesterday we expressed our deep gratitude on a tree. Today, we ate sugar. Lots and lots of sugar. Thanks to the lovely folks we blogged about here that gave us all the creative ideas that we so dramatically botched and blundered.  But we had a ball.  And that's truly what matters.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.  And to all... a good night.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

giving thanks

Our thankful tree. Not our idea. But our thanks. From Friends to Family. Books to Video Games. Chocolate to Chicken. We have so much to be thankful for.  So very much that the intended centerpiece is actually too large to fit in the center of the table. But that's a good thing.

We hope you are yours are as thankful as we are tonight.

Our inspiration for our thankful tree came from here... 
and was blogged about previously here.


When I was little they were bean bags (that doesn't age me too much now does it?).  Then we got a little uptight and they became ottomans.  But they are back.  And they are bad ass.  And they are now called poufs.  You can't blink without seeing one pulled up in a living room, play room or kids room as extra seating or just plain eye candy.  
Comfy?  Depends. Way cool? Definitely.

tree trimming at anthro

Since we never actually spend Christmas day here (Santa thinks we live at Grandma's house), I'm not sure if we're going to trim a tree or not.  Last year was our first.  And we did an entirely homemade tree.  Well, except for the lights.  We used jingle bells, paint, egg cartons, wooden shapes, pipe cleaners, ribbon, beads, and lots... and lots of glitter.  But if I were going to "buy" a tree... you can bet I'd go to Anthro.  
And it would look something like this.

last minute thanksgiving crafts for kids

 turkey cookies by make and takes

thankful tree by make and takes

gumdrop turkeys by spearmint baby

clothespin turkey by black eiffel

personalized paper bag drumstick by black eiffel

corny necklaces by say yes to hoboken

Looking for some last minute Thanksgiving crafts to do with the kids today?  Since they closed schools this year (what's that about anyway?!)  Here are a few fun ones I found on various lovely blogs last night.  (But blogger was being a brat & wouldn't let me share them with you then so they are coming to you first thing this morning!)  Click on over to the original sources for full instructions... and Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

a mellow yellow kinda day...

 foyer sign by Oh Dier

 zipper purse by made by hank

crochet flower hat by mojo spa style

 shabby chic wood shelf by old new again

 leg warmers by small packagess
And yes, I see clearly that they are not yellow but it's my blog.  
So there.

Monday, November 22, 2010

rustic chic

I don't want a mountain home.  I don't particularly like mountains. Mountains generally get cold.  But, I would like this home. On a warm mountain maybe? 

My Elle Decor arrived today and I just fished it out of the cold mailbox.  (Maybe I need to go turn on the heat?)  And, while I was planning on staying up to shoot some photos, stamp some gift boxes, and design some new rings that has all fallen to the wayside.  Because of this cover. 

One fabulous, mountain home cover has caused me to drop everything (well, not exactly, I did have to blog about it first), and retire to my bed.  To learn more about this rustic & charming yet modern & chic mountain home that graces the cover of my new magazine.  And then I will proceed to dream about warm mountain homes, equally as fabulous, that I will more than likely never inhabit.

Sweet dreams to you as well...


cupcake confessional

If you've spent any time on my blog or facebook page you will know that I pretty much avoid the kitchen. But one thing I can make, and do, is cupcakes.  Probably because cakes have always seemed like far too much trouble and the process of mixing the batter & frosting the cupcakes never ceases to entertain my sugar loving daughter on a rainy... or perfectly sunny day for that matter. 

I have quite a few decorative cupcake holders that I've picked up here and there at craft store jaunts.  But nothing I have ever seen compares to this selection at Cupcake Confessional on Etsy.  Fabulous.  The first design is my favorite.  Which would explain why it is first I suppose.
Works of art.  Or do I just not get out enough?  

Never the less, I'm impressed.  And I'm making cupcakes.  Soon.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


ECOSTASY is a conscious commerce experience - informed, values-driven appreciation of curated objects that promote social and environmental good. They feature handmade products by Brazilian artisans, designers, indigenous peoples and community-based groups emphasizing sustainable development. And they are pretty darn stylish too.

We are lucky to be *in the know* here at zuzu girl handmade and were just informed that the good folks at ECOSTASY are offering a holiday special of 20% off the ENTIRE collection (valid through December 31, 2010).  Simply enter "Holidays" at checkout for your discount. 

Feel free to blog it forward!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

inspired by a pouf

Somewhere over the rainbow.  In a little place called Etsy.  Inspired by a pretty little pouf.  I gathered these rainbow hued lovelies...


wordless {yet inspirational} wednesday...

 tassel garland by Confetti System

custom made chair cushions by Pure & Noble and for SF Girl by the Bay

art gallery rainbow cake DIY tutorial by One Charming Party

Manhattan subway tape by Wonderland Room on Etsy

eye candy

No doubt, I'm a little late to the game here.  Unfortunately, I don't get out much to see movies unless they require black plastic glasses and booster seats that is.  But I did finally take two hours out of an evening to rent Sex in the City 2 on demand last week.  Oscar worthy?  Um, definitely not.  But I'll tell you one thing.  Patricia Field can dress me any time.  Talk about eye candy.  As I sat on the sofa, probably much in need of a shower, in my beat up, tattered pj's I could not take my eyes off the clothes.  Of course, I'd probably look a little silly dropping off the kids at school, strolling the aisles of whole foods, or doing soccer carpool in one of Carrie's fabulous outfits but what the heck.  Someone send me the clothes.  I'll handle the odd stares.

...And don't even get me started about the fabulous decor.  Checkout the tile in the background from one of my favorite local haunts, Heath Ceramics.  Fabulous.