Friday, November 26, 2010

paper source

Paper Source is the type of store that you go to only when you have a strict time constraint. Not because you don't want to spend all day there. But precisely the opposite, because you can spend all day there. I go in for an ink pad and place cards and I leave with pom pom dish towels. Or juicy fruit gum. Or recycled flip flop bracelets. I know, random. But completely irresistible. And then tonight I make the mistake of googling them only to find out that a good portion of their assortment is available on line. Which is most definitely a problem as I am not nearly as good with my e-commerce time management than my mall time management.  Not even close.

But, since I spent so much time on their site tonight I figured someone should benefit. Above are some of my favorites. 
By gift giving category of course.

colored pencil frame, little miss sunshine mug & pom pom dishtowels

mustache cork screw, beer pong book & whiskey rocks

food face plates, animal face temporary tattoos & lucha libre dolls

crowns, masks & poppys

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