Monday, November 22, 2010

rustic chic

I don't want a mountain home.  I don't particularly like mountains. Mountains generally get cold.  But, I would like this home. On a warm mountain maybe? 

My Elle Decor arrived today and I just fished it out of the cold mailbox.  (Maybe I need to go turn on the heat?)  And, while I was planning on staying up to shoot some photos, stamp some gift boxes, and design some new rings that has all fallen to the wayside.  Because of this cover. 

One fabulous, mountain home cover has caused me to drop everything (well, not exactly, I did have to blog about it first), and retire to my bed.  To learn more about this rustic & charming yet modern & chic mountain home that graces the cover of my new magazine.  And then I will proceed to dream about warm mountain homes, equally as fabulous, that I will more than likely never inhabit.

Sweet dreams to you as well...


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Nickie Frye said...

O.O That first pic is incredible. Totally my style too. Love it!!!!