Tuesday, January 11, 2011

valentine prep

A friend of mine emailed me today for some ideas for her kid's class projects on Valentines Day.  What? Valentine's Day?  Today is only 1.11.11.  Yup. All ones.  

But then I quickly remembered how much fun homemade valentines are so I started scouring my bloggy archives for some ideas.  I found a few which I quickly posted on my Facebook page. Like this yummy cookie decorating project. Or these upcycled heart shaped crayons. And then there were these fun friendship bracelets and mad lib valentines.

But since we've already made most of these in our home, I needed something new.  So I kept looking. Then I found these paper flowers that you can inscribe with messages on Martha's website.

I think this could be a great Valentine for the kids to give their friends.  We could use all different color paper (my seven year old son would not go for the standard pink & red) and use pipe cleaners for the stems.  They could write sentimental messages... or silly ones.  Or both.

Or the kids could make these at school to bring home to their parents.  That would do a little heart string tugging now wouldn't it?  Well, assuming the sentiments were sweet.

I'll try some kiddie style flowers out and photograph them for you in a few days.  And we'll have more homemade valentine ideas come your way soon.  

Happy day of the ONE!

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