Monday, January 3, 2011

nine of '10

As we say goodbye to 2010, and I get ready to write my first blog post of 2011, I look back to some of our favorite discoveries of last year. Random. But all cool. Enjoy!...

1. hanky pankys ~ one size fits all. one size fits great. expensive. but worth it. thongs, boy shorts, camis. you name it. I wear it.
2. stand up paddle boarding ~ best full body workout I've ever experienced in my life. although I may need to move to a tropical island because in northern california it's not necessarily a year round sport.
3. dottie angel ~ talented artist, blogger & business woman. serious girl crush going on here.
4. blokus ~ 2-4 players. any age. this game rocks.
5. gelish ~ thirty minutes in the chair and you can reach into your wallet to pay as soon as you're done? and THEN you can wear a manicure that looks brand spanking for at least two weeks? um, hell yeah!
6. perler fuse beads ~ cheapest babysitter ever. easier for little hands than grown up ones but fun for parents too.
7. bob schneider ~ might have to move to austin for this guy. can I paddle board there?
8. yuba mundo ~ my 40th birthday present. to myself. ride alone, with one kid. or two. pack up the gear and go. this bike rocks.
9. kindle - we were a little late to the game here but you know what they say. one kindle for the family. free kindle downloads to the laptop and the iphone. we're reading machines.

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