Friday, January 7, 2011

friday favorites

I'm not quite sure when the moustache took over retail but it certainly hasn't seemed to let up. Not even a hair. These moustache straws are a DIY version. How much fun would my kids and their friends have with them? So. Much. Fun.

I actually have a love/hate relationship with this poster.  Part of me finds it completely and utterly offensive to overweight children.  The other part of me can't stop laughing my jiggly ass off.

I'm still not sure what I enjoyed more about this movie.  The acting or the cinematography. It is brilliant and beautiful.  There were so many moments that I just wanted to stop the frame and stare at the screen.  Especially the scenes in Lionel's office.  The wall behind Bertie's chair, designed to exemplify it's seemingly peculiar resident, is undeniably exquisite. Oh, and then there were the clothes...

I'm not playing favorites here by only showing one of my beautiful children, but my little girl's first words this morning (after waking up next to me... which is NOT good) just melted my heart.

"I love my life right now," she said. Breathless I tell you. I asked my wise beyond her years four year old to embellish and she sat for a good three minutes rattling off all the parts of her little life that she adores.  Including taking the dog to the vet.  I am truly blessed.

Happy Friday.  I hope your weekend is simply lovely.

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april o. said...

Very sweet way to start the morning!