Friday, January 28, 2011

sugar mama.

Today we decided to try out a new sugar cookie recipe.  Not like sugar cookies vary much from one to another but hey, it was an excuse to buy a few new cookie cutters and break out the sugar.

In this first photo, the dough has been made and is in the refrigerator cooling. We have all the cutters and decorations ready to go.  This might very well have been the longest thirty minutes of Zuzu's life.

{Note to self.  Although Zuzu really and truly loves to participate in mixing the batter, it is simply not worth the time and Gage could care less about the batter.  Next time, prepare dough while kids are at school. They should cut & decorate only.}

Zuzu can barely contain herself but at least we're jamming to her newly acquired CD from her Performing Arts class yesterday....

A little zippity do dah never hurts to bide the time and brighten the spirits...

And finally... we've got COOKIES! More cookies than we know what to do with actually. But they are scrumdiddlyumptious. And I don't care in the least bit that that's not a word.  Zuzu's favorites were the daisies and the dresses.  Gage loved the skull & crossbones and the "guitar" which was really a violin because they were out of guitars... and then Zuzu kept calling it a cello because they learned about the difference between guitars & cellos in school this week. Details. Details.

We were pretty sure it was time to wrap up the cookie decorating adventure when Zuzu started sucking the frosting directly from the squeeze bottles. Not pretty. 

You can find the recipe for our yummy sugar cookies on my dear friend Lisa's fabulous foodie blog.  She is a whiz in the kitchen and my cookies will never compare to hers but we do what we can, right?   We also go to her house a lot.  Here's another cookie post with pictures of her kids and mine making cookies. 
A couple side notes to her recipe:
For the frosting we used a simple mixture of milk (just a wee bit) & confectioners sugar.  And a little blue & red (pink) food coloring.  Also, the cookies with the custom words stamped into them are courtesy of William's Sonoma.  I bought the kit just before Christmas.  Not sure if they still have them but they were super cute.  Zuzu wrote, "ZUZU ROCKS", "HAPPY MOMMY", and "I LOVE YOU GAGE".  These could be really special if you were making cookies for an actual occasion (unlike us)!

And now, my 5 hour saga ends.  Dish washer is humming and cookies are ready to be wrapped and stored for tomorrow.  And my sugar rush is fading fast so I best move quickly!

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Lisa said...

Now you've one upped me on the word kit. I love that. I may just have to make that part of my cutter collection too.