Saturday, January 16, 2010

child's play

I've got valentine's day on the mind. Yup, in January. I've also got 1000 Markets on the mind. If you shop Etsy but you haven't visited 1000 Markets you really should give it a whirl. It's a smaller market place but the layout is lovely. You can shop by keyword or by "market". All of the valentine inspired items above are part of the Child's Play Market to which I belong.  I've even supplied all the lovely little shop names & their links for you here...

1.lalas pequenos 2.the enchanted cupboard 3.made by jackie 4.bug and boo designs 5.lil peeper keeper nanas hands 7.strawberry luna 8.pretty dreamer 9.birch leaf designs 10.jennifer dennis potter 11.zuzu girl 12.the yarn chick 13.boise beanie company 14.daisy blu 15.auntie jill 16.the crochet nanny


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mrsbeccijo said...

Thanks for the lovely post and for promoting the Market!