Saturday, January 17, 2009

turtle park tots

I'd like to introduce you to Turtle Park Tots. I'm honestly not sure where I first encountered Turtle Park but I suspect it was in an Etsy forum. See Turtle Park is not only a talented artist but she is also active in the Etsy community, on Twitter, as a Blogger and in the fight against the CPSIA (need I provide a link to that one?).

But more importantly, and the reason that I chose to feature her products tonight, is that she is kind. Admittedly, I don't really know her at all but there are some things you can just tell about a person and this I know. So click on one of her links and send her some love. These are some of my favorites from her darling shop...

Sleep Baby Star Paisley Chenille Baby Blanket $38.00:

Eat Baby Funky Dot Baby/Toddler Bib $12.00:

Sage Kleo Change-Me-Anywhere(tm) Diaper Keeper $14.00:

Clean Baby Coral Morning Glory Wash Cloth/Reusable Wipe Set (organic terry cloth) $14.00:

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