Monday, January 5, 2009

fighting a good fight

I was "introduced" to Rick Woldenberg during my incessant search today for new information on the CPSIA. Rick is the Chairman of an Illinois based company called Learning Resources and, in my humble opinion, an expert on the subject of the CPSC and their new "improvement act". He started a new blog on Friday to address the latest issues and solicit feedback. I plan to stalk Rick to gather more information over the next few weeks and, in case you're interested, I'm providing some of the ways you can stalk him too...

read Rick's blog
follow Rick on twitter
watch Rick on you tube


TiLT said...

It is so sad to think of all that this poorly thought out, knee jerk law is going to hurt. I listened last night even got my hubby ticked off just listening to the details of the new BS...I am all for children's safety, but sheesh!

Thanks for giving us Rick's links :)

Pat said...

Will try the stalking.....Glad there's a Rick who's being proactive about this!!!