Tuesday, January 27, 2009

petit appetit

Do you have one of those friends that you hide the processed goldfish crackers from? You know, one of those fabulous moms that serves their kids only organic, home cooked, unprocessed foods. No exceptions. And the kids eat it. All. Happily? Well, I do. And I adore her even still!

Meet Lisa Barnes. Owner of Petit Appetit, children's chef extraordinaire, and author of two novels, the second of which becomes available March 3rd on Amazon.com (among other places). This edition focuses on party foods for kids of all ages. If you entertain, or have kids, or entertain kids...check it out. Lisa has fed me well far too many times to not recommend her!

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demandablog said...

Thanks for the recommendation!

I gave my daughter a non-organic, mainstream lollipop while we were shopping at Whole Foods because it was nap time and a total meltdown was coming without a distraction. I felt like the whole store was judging me and giving me dirty looks! haha.