Tuesday, January 6, 2009

everything's coming up posies...

Meet Little Pink Posies, one of my new, all time favorite Etsy shops. How ridiculously cute are these little posy girls? (the name "posy girls" is trademarked by the way so don't even THINK about it..I simply don't know how to put that ever important TM symbol on the end of the word).

Little Pink Posies, like zuzu girl handmade, is threatened by the CPSIA but her shop is open for business today and cuter than ever. Please pay her a visit and share some love if you are so inclined. Seriously, it won't be hard...this here is true talent. These are some of my personal favs...

posy girl playset with matching personalized purse ($60.00):

posy girl handpainted wooden doll playset ($22.50):

custom painted personalized doll pendant ($15.00):

wool felt bitty blossom hair clips ($8.75):

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