Wednesday, December 10, 2008

pizza...petit appetit style

I wish this had been my idea. But alas, the custom pizza party was courtesy of my friend Lisa from Petit Appetit. I wish I'd had my real camera to photograph the preparation and the meal because the pizza was definitely better than the mobile phone pictures!

The kids rolled and formed their own homemade dough and then topped the pizzas with their choice of sauce, cheese, olives, artichokes, prosciutto & oregano. As you can see they all came up with different combinations. The sophisticated eater that she is, Zuzu made hers with sauce only. Lisa's daughter topped hers with cheese only but added olives after the pizza was cooked. Either way they were all yummy!

Checkout the Petit Appetit website and the Organic to Be blog to which Lisa contributes for other healthy, organic and most importantly fun food ideas for babies & kids.

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Jamie said...

Yum, you're makin' me hungry...going to check out that blog now! Thanks for sharing...I always need healthy ideas to try and get my kids to eat good :-)