Thursday, December 23, 2010


Love the rooms you see above? Yup, me too.
Want to know where they came from? Yup, so did I.
I couldn't say it better myself.  So why try? 
From Nesting's lovely website...

"Nesting is a book consisting of 26 interesting homes. The Swedish version of The Selby! They have been documented over a period of 7 years, randomly chosen by the authors; Cilla Ramnek and Pia Ulin. The places and images are for real and not staged in any way. Exept for Cillas spontaneous styling with some of the home-owners things. The images always shot with the conditions provided by the space and light that existed only then. Please be inspired by these amazing homes.
The book is available for purchase at Papercut."

Thanks go to decor8 for the introduction.

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