Saturday, December 4, 2010

oh christmas tree. again.

Last year we had a blast decorating our new (faux) table top tree. I bought all sorts of beads, bells, paint, glitter, unfinished wooden ornaments, wire ribbon... and more glitter. We had a blast. And made a huge mess.

This year, all I bought were these:

They are mini crochet mirror bead appliques and used glue dots to stick them directly on the branches. I tried gluing them down to ribbon but I really didn't like seeing all the ribbon. It was the dots themselves that were special.  They do look pretty darn cute if I don't say so myself.

We were going to make mini pom poms like these by Lori Marie:

I wanted to turn them into ornaments - in all sorts of bright colors like fuchsia & turquoise (both colors I inevitably spell wrong but love) but we never made it out of the house. All day. Gage is actually going to bed shortly in the same pajamas he woke up in this morning. And never removed. 

So, after adhering the dots to the branches, which no one was the least bit interested in helping with, I let the kids rummage through all of last year's hand made garland and ornaments and go nuts. It's a ragamuffin tree but it's ours.  And I love it.

We also hung last year's home made egg carton glitter bells on the windows.  That tutorial is also courtesy of Lori Marie and available here

Oh, and our little helper slept through most of the eventful day. But she did allow us to put a silly elf hat on her and take lots of pictures:

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