Friday, December 4, 2009

moustache envy?

Can someone please explain to me exactly when the obsession with the moustache started? Seriously, I feel like I can't turn my head without running into one. Was there a movie I missed? Or a book series? Sixty-nine pages of them alone when you search by "mustache" on Etsy. That's more than 4x the amount of listings you get when you search by "fairy princess wand". Hmmmm, maybe if I adhere a fake stache to the dowels on my princess wands they'd be on trend?

Here are the links to the creative moustache selling shops above...
1.ipod case 2.bandaids 3.hand towels mug 5.ring 6.felt stache 7.notecards 8.hand mirror 10.necklace 11.keychain 12.set of (6) mugs 13.the amazing fake moustache

1 comment:

Robin Hartman said...

I've wondered the same thing.