Monday, August 31, 2009


Forgive me readers, but I have been busy. It's been a week since my last yoga class. My back is a little rickety & my mind a little full so I used some peaceful down time tonight to search Etsy for things to make me feel grounded.

According to my best on-line friend, Wikipedia, "Om, often Aum, is a sacred syllable of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. Om is reputed to be the resonant vibrational tone of the non-dualistic universe as a whole. In Buddhism, Om corresponds to the crown chakra and white light."

Now, I'm not a religious person (slight understatement), but chanting "om" for me is just plain healing. You don't even have to chant it really. Just say it slowly out loud. Peaceful, right? Now if you're feeling ambitious try chanting it a few times. For the full effect, make your voice vibrate the room (but don't wake the kids!).

Feeling invigorated & a little more powerful? Cool...keep it up! Then enjoy these links....

1. soldered pendant
2. filigree medallian
3. namaste necklace
4. ceramic mug
5. meditation bowl
6. beach stone
7. breathe bracelet
8. good vibrations ring
9. blue topaz necklace

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Moondog said...

Thanks so much for featuring my om pendant! Love your blog!