Friday, March 11, 2011


 Taking a deep breath before closing the week tonight. Last night I went to bed around midnight having just seen the devastating news of the tsunami in Japan. Much was still unknown at the time but we knew it was going to be bad. I woke 6.5 restless hours later with a text message on my phone. It began, "Don't want to wake you if you're still in bed. There is a tsunami warning for the west coast..." Not really the way I'd planned on beginning my day. But, as we all know now, the San Francisco Bay remains unscathed. And for that, I feel grateful.

I received two more heartbreaking electronic messages over the next few hours. But I went about my business, because, as I understand it, that is just what one does.  Now tonight I sit with a heavy heart and a deep compassion for so many different people across the world. Some that I know and love dearly. Others that I will never have the chance to know. And again. I feel grateful.

But it's Friday. And that alone is certainly worth a small celebration. And a nod to just a few of the brighter parts of my week...

Like the Martha Stewart fringe centerpiece (pictured above) and found here yesterday. Coincidentally only one day after I stripped our Thankful Tree (yes, I am aware that it is March) and left it barren by the front door. Bet you can't guess what I'm going to do to it next!

Or my dear friend, Lisa's Fat Tuesday celebration. And the oh so comical hunt for the sugar baby that ensued.

And then there was this. A spontaneous dinner theater performed for me tonight. Turns out a little tootie tata & boom de atta was just what I needed.


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