Thursday, March 10, 2011

dropping the yarn bomb

I'd never heard of the term either until I came across this post on facebook today. And I fell in love. Apparently there is an entire constituency of creative folks that make a habit of "yarn bombing" random city fixtures.  This subway work was done by the very talented ishknits.  I only wish I'd had that seat when I was riding the N & R back and forth to midtown Manhattan a dozen or so years ago. (Oh, and that she's come and yarn bomb our house next!)


Anonymous said...

A lot of them refer to it as "tagging" too. It's like a dose of happy vandalization:) Who doesn't love a burst of handmade love.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I was wondering....I kept seeing knits around the lamp posts all over Rome last summer!! I thought it was the coolest thing...def the best urban tagging idea i've seen in a while!