Thursday, March 25, 2010

the things you can learn from a good nanny

When my son, now 6 1/2, started dressing himself he would pull out every t-shirt in the drawer and discard them on the floor until he found what he was looking for, generally on the bottom of one of my neatly folded piles.  After a few weeks of folding and refolding I did what I thought was the only sensible thing, I hung every single t-shirt in his closet.  Now he can easily scroll through them to choose his favorite and very rarely do any tees end up discarded on the floor.  But clearly, I wasn't thinking far enough out of the box.  Or drawer.

Years later, I was at my girlfriend's house when she opened one of her son's drawers to show me a t-shirt we'd been discussing (that's a story in itself so we'll skip the details).  Needless to say my jaw dropped when she opened the drawer.  It looked like a drawer you'd find at the GAP at store opening.  Perfectly folded t-shirts (the boy is SEVEN) rolled up to expose the detail on the shirt for easy selecting.  Now I'm a self professed OCD sufferer and even I was amazed.  Fortunately, she cleared up the fact that her live-in nanny was fully responsible while I was still attempting to pull up my jaw.

So what does one do with this new information?  Well, she certainly doesn't remove all of her son's shirts from their hangers but she does attack his younger sister's dresser immediately.  Now my work is not nearly as perfect as the ingenious nanny's was but it suits Zuzu just fine.  And yes, she has far too many clothes for a 3 1/2 year old. 

Disclaimer: Sincere apologies if this post was boring and contained old news for you... but I'm guessing that my other OCD mom's out there might just appreciate the tip.  wink, wink.



Shauna said...

From a fellow OCD Mom, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

demandablog said...

Oh my gosh, what a good idea! My daughters drawers are always a mess! They're only neat on days where I freak out and reorganize everything.