Wednesday, March 17, 2010

best birthday looks - number 19

I've been away for a bit challenging our family record in number of trips to the pediatrician, after hours clinic & pharmacy in a two week span of time. I am proud to announce that not only were all of our illnesses fairly insignificant (although slightly annoying and uncomfortable) but we have successfully beaten that record.

We have also managed to somehow find ourselves included as #19 on the list of "The Best Birthday Outfits and Accessories" broadcast today on the homepage of

We are humbled and honored.  And, coincidentally, we are headed on vacation tomorrow to attend to an important family matter.  Timing is everything, eh?  We will keep the shop open for orders and inquiries but will be forced to suspend shipping until we return next Tuesday, the 23rd of March.

Thank you for your continued support of zuzu girl handmade and we'll see you soon!


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