Tuesday, October 6, 2009


It's all about vanity. See, that's what they called the new personalized URL's that Facebook introduced this summer. Vanity URL's. What that meant was that you could have your very own name in the URL. But there was a catch. A vanity URL for a business page required 100+ fans.

So everyone scrambled to get 100 fans. Well, not me really. I just waited patiently. And when the page hit 100 fans yesterday I applied for my vanity URL. www.facebook.com/zuzugirl. Pretty right? Yeah, not so much. I got the URL I wanted and then I couldn't get into the damn page. Seriously. Turns out it works for some of my fans but not for others. And for the most part, not for me. Now tell me, what good is a vanity URL if it tells you your "page is not found" every time you try to open it? Not so good it turns out.

So I complained...and I cried...and I tried everything to fix it. And then I gave in. And I moved.

You can now find zuzu girl handmade on facebook HERE. And the URL is really, really ugly. And I. Don't. Care.

Come join us. It's beautiful there. Or it will be...I promise.

(oh, and PS, on Twitter you come by your vanity URL naturally but I'm not taking sides or anything)

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Anonymous said...

Facebook is turning out to be a bit obnoxious for users huh? Like how you can upload your blog posts to both but not just one page, or how you can put some things only on your personal page. It's just a pain.

P.S.- Flickr gives you a personalized URL for free. Facebook is lame:(