Wednesday, September 23, 2009

stocking stuffers!

I just finished a post on my *mommy blog* called "Happy Halloween" and now this. The folks reading my automated blog tweets on my twitter page are going to think I'm nuts!

As you might know, I'm one of many contributors to the brand new, but already fabulous, online magazine, Modern Handmade Child. We're in the process of submitting articles for the Winter Edition and I'm running terribly behind in the process. (What else is new?)

I've decided to write an article about Stocking Stuffers because I just know there are so many fabulous handmade options out there, especially from my fellow EtsyKids team members. However, I am still looking for any submissions that you would like to offer. What is your favorite handmade stocking stuffer? It can be something you make, something you sell, or something you plan to buy. Fill me in. What's hot in handmade? Your shop will be mentioned and linked to if we feature your product.

Now bring it on!

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Amy's Stocking Stuffers said...

I have found tons of handmade stocking stuffers on Etsy -- in fact, I feature Etsy stocking stuffers every Sunday on my stocking stuffers blog. One of my absolute favorites is the Funky Recycling stop -- they make magnets out of recycled beverage cans. I bought several -- my sister is a photographer and loves Pepsi, so I got a camera shape made from a Pepsi can. My other sister has a pet bunny and loves Pepsi, so ditto. I also have a friend who collects cows and Coca-Cola cans, so Funky Recycling specially made me a cow from a Coco-Cola can!