Tuesday, September 29, 2009

rainbow bright

When Joy Thigpen asked her two year old daughter what color she wanted her room she listed every color under the sun. And so she got them. All. How precious is this little rainbow room? I love everything about it but I especially adore the colorful costumes hanging within little arm's reach.

Zuzu has a little dress up area with all of her headbands, wands, jewels and dress-up shoes arranged neatly in bins on the floor. Above, a small round mirror frames her face & torso. Above that, but out of reach, are four anthropologie hooks that spell her name & hold her halos & wings. Nearby, in the closet, all of her costumes lay stuffed in a large mesh basket.

I like this room better. Which only means one thing. My to-do list just got longer.

You can see more of Joy's house here.

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