Wednesday, March 25, 2009

queen of torts

A lawyer with a soft side. Cool. Her shop is fittingly called Queen of Torts as she is a self professed attorney by trade and artist by inspiration. These winged fairies as she calls them, were given one of my latest Etsy hearts and may some day find a home on my wall. She's new to Etsy
too so if you're inspired by the images above then click on over to her shop and let her know. And, as always, support handmade...


Urban LifeStyle Decor said...

Love, Love this. Thanks for supporting new artists with whimsy + imagination. These "Winged Girls" look right at home in your fabulous glam blog. ~s

StampinMom said...

those are really cute, I'll go check out her shop...thanks for sharing!

Jamie :-)