Wednesday, February 4, 2009

three yellow starfish

Mocca Reversible Pinafore Dress
, $25.00

(the back & alternate side of Mocca)

Sugar Snap Reversible Pinafore, $25.00

Aviary in Almond Reversible Pinafore
, $25.00

, $11.00

The tag line at three yellow starfish's Etsy shop reads..."it's good to be a baby". Now ain't that the truth?

I received my first pinafore in the mail today from three yellow starfish and I'll be. If it isn't the most adorable little number I've seen out of Etsy. Hmmm, do I sound Southern? Nope, I'm most definitely not.

Anyway, Zuzu will be sporting the first little pinafore, Mocca. And wait. It gets better. Did you notice? They are reversible. Yup. Two tops for $25.00. Isn't that a lovely surprise?

Seriously. I jest, but this dress is so cool. It's handmade by a lovely lady in Dallas, Texas. She makes them to order. She makes a lot of them. And she makes them fast. The quality is exceptional and it was packaged in a darling bag with a handwritten thank you note. How's that for service? Don't see that much anymore!

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