Tuesday, May 3, 2011

random tuesday.

a few things I kinda sorta loathe today...

1. falling asleep while trying to comfort a child to sleep... only to wake in a fog with a million things to do before I can actually go back to sleep myself.
2. going to a favorite restaurant and feeling the need to order something different off the menu... only to realize why you always order the same damn thing.
3. heartburn. especially when caused by #2.
4. foul mouthed young children. I mean way too young. and, kinda sorta, their parents.
5. coffee shop patrons that bring long lists. I lack patience. especially before my fix.

a few things that kinda make up for all the other things above...

1. a perfectly picked and ripened strawberry. just one will do it.
2. the blatant honesty of an innocent child. can't beat it. even if you don't want to hear what they have to say!
3. windows down. sun shining. and a sweet tuned cranked way up.
4. when someone holds the door open for you at a coffee shop, knowing damn well it means you will now be ahead of them in line.
5. snorty puppy stretches.

Oh, and this wooden spoon theater is super cute tonight...


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