Sunday, July 4, 2010

tea time

I am seriously in love with this teapot. But I already have a teapot that I seriously love. It's orange enamelware with a wooden handle.  It's so lovely (and old) that I'm humbly hesitant to use it.  It just sits proudly on the stove top looking pretty.  As it should. Then, when I do have tea, which is all too infrequently to own fancy vintage teapots, I pull out the trusty stainless steel number from the bottom cabinet to boil the water. While the fabulous orange vintage pot watches. To make things even more interesting, only three of the four burners on our stove work. So if I'm making tea, you see, we're down to one.  

You'd think I would have talked myself out of buying this fabulous blue teapot with all this mindless stove top banter now, wouldn't you? Hah! You don't know me all that well at all now do you....

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