Thursday, June 10, 2010

it's the little things...

 It took a year but I finally did it.  Two weeks ago I entered our garage on a mission.  I stood tall on a ladder and located the sewing machine that I purchased on sale at Target in April. Of 2009.  I removed it from its now dusty, and still unopened box on the top shelf.  

And I haven't slept since (slight exaggeration).  

Really I've just been playing around a bit, getting to know my new friend and her 100 or so stitches.  I've definitely got some grand ideas. But the hard reality is that I may never accomplish most of them due to lack of time, skill or a combination of both.  But for now I'm proud to share my first two simple projects.  

Meet the dainty bloom coffee cozy.  Go green. Stay cute.  
 And some lovely fabric bracelets for my most stylish & crafty friends.  

I do have to say, I think my glue gun is getting quite jealous.

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