Monday, May 24, 2010


 My eldest learned to read this year and our lives will never be the same.  It's a beautiful thing watching him put his nose in his book and keep it there, despite distractions.. even when the distractions involve such necessities as food, school & sleep.  Heck with it.  My boy loves reading!

I've been thinking forward to his 7th birthday this fall (um, yes fall) and was going to suggest that in lieu of gifts his friends donate a book in his name to the school library.  In turn he will receive 7 gifts of his choice (and within reason) from his parents. In my defense are at least a half dozen unopened toys/games on his closet floor that were given to him for his 6th birthday.  I'm thinking it's a pretty easy sell and really such a great idea all around (and not just because it was mine).  He gets exactly what he wants.  The library gets free books.  His friends don't have to wonder what he will like.  And I don't need to figure out where to store another stack of untouched gifts.  Everyone wins. 

Now how do I sell him on these fantabulous book cupcake toppers that I just found on Ohdeedoh?

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