Wednesday, November 4, 2009

oh deer!

Products by Etsy.
Styling by Zuzu.
The fabulous, custom & hand made poncho is courtesy of The Trendy Tot. I'm so in love with this cozy, hooded goodness, and fortunately Zuzu is too. It's the perfect weight for our chilly California mornings and it doesn't hurt that it's one of a kind which makes it super special. The leg warmers were a spontaneous but wise purchase from Fate Goddess. The black and white stripes go with everything. I love the ease in which they go on and the way they stay up just about all day and Zuzu loves that she can still wear a skirt (or tutu) when it's cold out. Guess what else I love? Etsy. Truly.

small print: I paid full price for both of these items. No one asked me to write this blog post. I just did. I'm endorsing them only because they deserve it. And Zuzu looks cute. Check them out...

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sassypackrat said...

Love the poncho! I wore a poncho at that age and it was purple too! So loving the deer on the front too!